Tennis and Sports Court Cleaning That Restores Your Court So It's Looking Like New

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Tennis and Sport Court Surface Cleaning

Over the winter months and in regularly shaded areas mold, mildew and algae can start to appear on outdoor sports courts. Vegetation can grow and take hold in cracks and court surroundings where sand and dirt build up. This poses a potential safety hazard as well as being aesthetically displeasing. Our thorough court cleaning process will remove all foreign matter and leave you with a safe and smooth playing surface.

Perth's extreme weather conditions and natural substrate movement in your tennis or sports court can lead to cracking, surface deterioration and line fading. We can help guide you with regular maintenance that will leave your outdoor sports court looking great and help to prolong its life ensuring years of enjoyment.

Perths Best Complete Cleaning From Court To Net

Our high pressure cleaning machines will leave your tennis or sports court looking like new. We can also wash down any surrounding walls , fences or adjacent pathways that have built up dirt over time. Centrecourt Renovators can also carry out tennis or sport court repairs such as cracks filings and re-lining.