Rebound Ace GS8mm & HSA Club

Rebound Ace GS 8 and Rebound Ace HSA Club are the world's premium sports courts.
There is no other surface that can truly compare with a Rebound Ace acrylic, pre fabricated mat cushioned sports surface. Incorporating Nike Grind material and technology, there are no other surfaces in the marketplace with the equalled shock absorbency, allowing players at all levels to participate and compete long-term and minimise repetitive impact on the body and limbs.
Impace Absorption Test results validate reduced stress on the body whilst maintaining ITF standards. The cushion layers do not lose resilience from age or hard wear and the exclusive surface texture and benefiting all styles and levels of play. The cushion lasts....and lasts, with proven 10 years plus life span of the polyurethane base. Life cycle cost saving over a 15-year period shows Rebound Ace more economical than synthetic grass, natural grass and clay.


Rebound Ace GS 8 was the Grand Slam surface of the Australian Open for over 20 years, the Seoul and Sydney Olympics chosen surface, as well as many Davis Cup, Fed Cup and WTA Tournaments throughout the world.
Various surface paces can be achieved to suit client requirements.


For netball courts, the topcoat has been purpose designed to provide a hard wearing non-slip surface in either dry or wet conditions - the result - decreased injuries, decrease cushioned systems are the preferred surface for netball in Australia and New Zealand. The combination of a cushioned shock pad and a unique formulated netball topcoat, will aid in reducing the injuries caused by high stress netball movements.

Features & Benefits

    Indoor or outdoor
    Concrete or asphalt bases
    Even ball bounce / responsive to all styles of play
    Proven long life cushion systes (minimum 10 year life of polyurethane base)
    All weather and long lasting
    Sound grop & sure footed comfort
    Reduces fatigue and injury
    Suitable for all court ball sports
    7 year warranty
    ITF Classified Medium / Fast Level 4
    Shock absorbence tested at (HSA) > 12% & (GS8 > 25%)
    Promotes technical skills for player development
    Low maintenance and lowest life cycle costs