Elastic Double-Tier

Product Parameters:

Size: 300mm*300mm*15.8mm
Weight: 315g/pc(+/-20g)
Ball Rebound: 97%
Sliding Friction Coefficient: 0.68
Rolling Load N: ≥2500
Shock Absorption: 56%
Vertical Deformation: 2.3mm
Lifetime: 10 years

Product Description:

Elastic Double-tier is firmer and more wear-resistant. Elastic Double-tier split-level design offers athletes better friction, effectively enhancing the moving explosive force. Frameless structure realizes seamless interlocking and brings better stability. Cross shaped back supporting system rapidly and evenly decomposes the surface load. Fast drainage design on the back makes the courts recovered to use immediately after rain.

Supplied and installed by:
Centrecourt Renovators
Specializing in court renovations and installations state-wide for over 40 years.